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Art or Music? Music  or  Art?

My relationship with art and music reaches back to childhood. At age six I began formal piano studies in classical music.

I also spent hours drawing, designing fancy house, as in a 9 year-olds idea of designing. I filled-up many sketchbooks with some good drawings, some not so great, and some down right throw away awful.

Piano practice demanded more hours for competitions and recitals. National annual competitions required 10 memorized scores, many 15 pages long Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin, Gershwin were just a few composer’s in my repertoire.

I  carried my  sketchbook every where.


Standing in a church doorway sketching a fountain in a square while listening to the church organist play a Bach Fugue. Switzerland

Grieg’s  Concerto in A Minor all movements stared back  at me from my music stand. Learn it on my way to a future as a concert pianist maybe

I  began to study art  seriously… fine art-drawing and painting.

On it went playing music or art ping-pong.

I could not pursue art and leave music behind or vice versa.

I chose in both disciplines. Happy!

    • Classroom art and music teacher
    • Sixteen years private piano lessons for students of all ages
    • Studio art lessons, private art lessons,summer camp art for young people
    • Piano performance, staff church musician, accompanist, event pianist
    • Solo art exhibitions, group exhibitions,gallery shows
    • Advocate for healing art
  • IMG_4630
    The Rublihorn, Pencil Sketch, Switzerland


Christmas Eve Services – First Christian Church, Wolfeboro,NH

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